What is still missing in Mango – Home Sets & Connectivity Shortcuts

Mango is coming very soon and lot of developers already have their fingers toying with this highly anticipated update of Microsoft’s best child. There’s lot of reviews already regarding this ‘Mango Beta 2’ that is spreading all over the world these days. It seems nothing changed on the main screen, which is a big issue for me. Don’t get me wrong : I am a big fan of Metro, and I love the tiles system, but it is doomed if it doesn’t change a little bit.

Here comes two ideas I sent to Microsoft.

1. Home Sets for the main screen
I’m NOT talking about multiple main screens at the same time as you can find in Android, iOS, Symbian and Bada. These are quickly a waste of time (where is Angry Birds on my 7 desktops ?!).

Windows Phone tiles are great, but it also becomes a waste of time if the list goes to long. I’d say that if it’s longer than 2 screens it starts to be less efficient and you don’t always find the right tile when you need it as fast as you would like to.

Windows Phone approach is all about what the user wants to do with his device, so let’s apply this to multiple home screen.

  • You need a work home screen with the right tiles, your boss, collègues, partners and this CRM app you can’t live without.
  • You also need a private home screen with your familiy tiles, engadget app (finally available on the market!), ebay to find new guitars and so on.
  • You need a “kids mode” to show only the right game and video shortcuts when you give your WP7.5 device to your children to survive to long travels in the car.
  • You need a private home screen for your secret night life with some specific contacts and apps (“where is my car ?”).
  • etc.

In fact you just need one set of tiles at once depending of what you are doing, and an easy and quick way to switch from one to another !
To do this you just need ONE single button.

An important point is that this solution won’t hurt your phone battery as you will always have only one set of tiles at once !

Of course if you pin some new tile, it will show on the Home Set you are currently using.
You can also imagine an easy gesture (two fingers snap for example) to switch to the list of Home Sets so you won’t have to move to the top of the current one then press the button.

2. Connectivity Shortcuts (Android users should love that)

This is an obvious requierment once you tried an HTC or Samsung Android device.

What do you think of this ?