Hints for future Nokia flagship – Nokia Lumia “Ace” 900

I wondered how both devices cameras compared, and here is a good article about it. The Nokia N8 is still the king in the camera department, which is a fact I fully agree with : http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/news/item/13334_For_those_who_were_wondering_a.php

Nokia, here is all the love we need inside your Q1 2012 flagship “Ace/Lumia 900”:

  • the Nokia Lumia 800 gorgeous design, just a little bigger and a bit thinner
  • the N8 Camera, improved with a 2.2 max aperture
  • 4,5″ AMOLED Clear Blach Display Screen
  • 16GB of ROM + µSD slot as in the Samsung Focus (which is how my Focus has 40GB today…)
  • 1GB of RAM to have more applications open at the same time

With this design and these specifications, Nokia would crush competition. When you look at how ugly is the Samsung Nexus Galaxy, and how awesome is, you know the potential of those finish teams… Just stop providing small screens phones only : the iPhone is not anymore the beast to beat, 3.7″ is not enough !