Nokia World 2011 – AWESOME new Lumia devices !

It’s done ! Nokia is now officially in the Windows Phone boat, as good as it gets.
Two new devices, and hot exclusive Nokia softwares inside, all delivered 8 months only after their partnership announcement with Microsoft.


Stephen Elop & his crew presented this week their new line of devices called Lumia, which will be dedicated to Windows Phone. Two models yet, the “hero” Lumia 800 which is a middle range device with an incredible design and quality, and the affordable Lumia 710 which is an entry-level smartphone with removable backcovers.

“Hero device” : Nokia Lumia 800
Curved glass 3.7″ AMOLED screen with Clear Black Display technology
1.4 G2 Snapdragon Processor
512 MB of RAM
8 mPx Carl Zeiss Autofocus Camera
smooth one-piece polycarbonate body
Estimated price : 449€ / £399.00 all taxes included without contract.

Affordable device : Nokia Lumia 710
3.7″ TFT screen with Clear Black Display technology
1.4 G2 Snapdragon Processor
512 MB of RAM
5 mPx Autofocus Camera
replaceable colored backcovers
Estimated price : 300€ / £249.00 all taxes included without contract.

Both devices will be available for a VERY aggressive price.

Nokia will deploy unprecedent marketing campaign around these devices. It will include :
– Advertisements everywhere on TV, walls, shops, newspapers and magazines.
– Nokia will train carriers’ salesmen on Windows Phone Mango.
– Lots of real demonstration devices instead of the usual ugly dummies for people to try it !


What are the most important apps missing from Windows Phone Marketplace ? I would say Google Maps and Tomtom. Nokia just fixed this bringing Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps to Windows Phone 7, as an exclusivity to their Lumia devices. These softwares may be available on the Marketplace for all Windows Phones devices in the future, but will always be free on Nokia phones of course.

Nokia Drive
This is a killer app, clearly as good as the mighty TomTom, but including world maps for FREE, with offline mode. Trust me, Google Navigation looks weak compared to Nokia Drive. This also fixes brilliantly one of the last Windows Phone 7 Mango weaknesses.

Nokia Maps
Nokia Maps is an online solution very comparable to Google Maps, and it is way better than Bing Maps so this is also a welcome venue to Windows Phone.

This exclusive application may be an nice value for US market customers.

Nokia Music – Legal Music for free (offline mode included) !

Nokia Music is a pleasant surprise ! Being myself a Zune player fanatic, I wondered what Nokia could bring to improve Windows Phone Mango current great player.

There’s all the usual features you would expect from a good music player, with a Music Store and everything, but there’s also a very unique feature : Nokia Mix. Mix offers you to listen for free existing playlists, and listen to those in online …and offline mode ! Which means music for free, for all Nokia Lumia (yes, even the low price Lumia 710 !) users !  I *like* this.


It is just the beginning of Lumia, and more models will probably complete the family three months from now. We can expect a high-end Lumia 900 Q1 2012, and more low price devices with and without physical keyboards.

Nokia has unique rights to participate to Windows Phone operating system evolutions, and it will be visible starting with Tango 1 & Tango 2 Upgrades planned for Q1 & Q2 2012. Things should evolve at a really fast rate in the forthcoming month, Windows Phone’s future looks brighter and brighter every day ! Will Nokia win over Samsung and Apple ? Seems like they are doing what it takes to achieve this, and the first deliveries on Mango from the finish manufacturer looks really impressive. I can’t wait to see what comes next !

You can watch the keynote at