Nokia new design – N9, Lumia 800, Lumia 900 and Windows 8 Tablet

I want an N9 since I saw the first leaks, then I’ll get a Lumia 800 as it gets the mighty Windows Phone Mango instead of the sweet but desperate MeeGo.
The new Nokia design is mind-blowing !

  • It looks AWESOME (we will never say it enough, wait to get your hands on it !).
  • It looks personnal, it has character, it’s recognizable at first sight ! You can’t tell the same about all those corean phones flooding the market since the iPhone came out in 2007. This has an incredible value for the future of the Nokia brand. And, which is maybe a personnal state, it doesn’t looks ‘cold’ and souless as an iPhone 4/4S.
  • It looks high-end like an iPhone 4/4S, which is truly only the case of …the iPhone 4 right now! Forget all Samsung’s cheap platic phones for good here.
  • It doesn’t need an ugly cover to protect it because its scratch resistant. Also, the body color won’t go away as it is in the polycarbonate, it’s not a paintjob.

We all know that the Nokia Lumia 900 (Aka “Ace”) is coming in the beginning of 2012 in the United States of A. All I hope is that it will keep the same great design, with the required improvments : a bigger screen, more inbuilt memory or an µSD slot, the incredible Nokia N8 camera and more RAM.

Looking at the future, we also know that Nokia has plans to study all options to make other markets products. They tried the netbook market, with the really nice Nokia Blooklet 3G. It was a failure for two reasons : premium high price for a Netbook, and its specifications were outdated even before it came out… 

Now with their intimate partnership with Microsoft they could strike back in the tablet market better than ever with Windows 8 in 2012. Let’s see how it would look :

Not bad at all, right ? They build it, I buy it.