Segway PT – Taste the future

I know the Segway PT (Personnal Transporter) is not something new but I was talking about it last week with some collegues and those who tried it, myself included, all agreed on one point : everyone has to try it !

Moving with it is a crazy experience, because it is so easy that it feels unreal. Remember how hard it was when you learned how to use a bicycle ? Well you will never have this hassle with the Segway PT, as you learn how to use it in less than 5-10 minutes. It is THAT easy. Remember the iPhone in 2007 compared to other smartphones ? The Segway PT is the same compared to bicycles. But as the PT moves for you and manage gravity on its own, you have nothing else to do than take care of the environnement and enjoy the trip !


It is a unique sensation, and if you want a taste of the future you have to try it at least once.