What do you expect ? About the Nokia Lumia 900

The Lumia 800 is a heartbreaker : wait for this moment when you will put your fingers on it and you’ll see what I mean. It hearts because the design is insanely good, and it even more hurts because the inside is good but not killer. The Nokia N8 has a better camera, the N9 has more memory for those who want some more place for their digital life, the screen is bigger than an iPhone 4S but smaller than all other flagship devices, etc.

So, what can we expect for the Lumia 900 in 3 months ?
The answer is quite simple : all that some of us miss with the 800, plus what we all love with the current Lumia.

Windows Phone Tango 1 
First we can expect an improved version of Windows Phone 7 called Tango. It should ne be groundbreaking at all, but we should get some valuable goodies.

In the hardware department, we can hope for:

  • Lumia 900 gorgeous design, slightly evolved
  • 4.3″ inch screen,
  • 12Mpx main camera 
  • front secondary camera, 
  • 32GB of ROM

All this is really what the Lumia 800 may lack for some users, even if most of us will be in heaven when we will in heaven while opening their cyan, magenta or black Lumia 800 packaging in a couple of weeks !