Nokia Lumia 800 Cyan : the world’s most gorgeous phone

I finally got one, and it wasn’t easy!
Here it is, my little Lumia 800 Cyan unboxing review.

This phone design is really stunning, a class of its own. It is way more subtle than you would imagine, with lot of different volumes.
The cyan and magenta colors are the perfect answer to all these boring black/grey/white smart phones. Put this one on a table with the iPhone 4S, the plastically Nexus Galaxy/SIIs and a couple of HTCs, everyone will look at the Lumia.
Nokia trully masters phone design more than anyone else.

The box, classy and way smaller than usual Nokia offering.

Once you open it you discover the Lumia 800 waiting for you on the top of the content.

 Lumia 800, product documents, included (almost) matching color soft-case, earphones, Micro-USB cable and the power supply.

The same guys, out of the box.

The earphones, which equals the iPhone ones in terms of …low quality! Only one button to answer phone calls, no volume controls.

The 1A power supply.

The left side : no buttons here.

The top : µSIM card slot and the hidden µUSB slot, plus the earphones plug.
Here you can see the small magnet that locks the µUSB door.

The right side : camera 2-steps shutter, power and volume buttons.

The bottom : nicely designed speaker grid.

Here we are, welcome on Lumia board!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.