Pureview Technology & the future or mobile cameras



Lumia 1020 is out and it is an amazing device. Basically it is nothing more than the bullet proof Lumia 920, refined and enlightened with an incredible new 41 Mégapixels camera sensor. This sensor is a new version of what Nokia call “Pureview” technology and it includes an Optical Image Stabilization to how hand shakes affects photos and videos. It works incredibly well as it did in Lumia 920 / 925 / 928 before. What the Lumia 10-20 adds is a unique ability to zoom 3x in your pictures with no loss of quality.

Benefits of the 41mpx image sensor

Why to include such huge sensor on a phone? The answer is simple and in 2 steps:

  • It allows you to zoom without any cumbersome physical “zoom” like what Samsung did with the ugly Galaxy Zoom.
  • It is a large sensor and let lot more light to flow inside its photosites than any usual sensor. This realy matters. It simply means that even if you take a 5mpx photo out of this great 41mpx sensor, it will be better than photos taken by 5-8mpx conventionnal sensors you have on iPhone 5/5c/5s, Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

This simple idea of including such brilliant piece of Imaging technology Inside our photos is probably the most important innovation since Digital Camera started to spread everywhere. It is THAT important. Because this is the first time an efficient solution breaks the need of enormous camera lens that everyone though of primary need to a great picture quality. Nokia and Zeiss way to include huge sensor in small devices is probably the path every other makers will take in the near future.

With my Lumia 10-20 I have a digital camera always with me without having to carry anything else than my phone, which was simply not possible before.