Windows Phone 7 – Tower Defense Games (TD/Matrix Defense) 

I have to confess this : I’m a huge TD addict. The cool thing is that Tower Defense games suit very well our mobile devices crowded little planet. And even if your girl will always prefer Angry Birds, you know where the truth lies.

Windows Phone 7 has some AAA games already, here are my favorite ones in the TD world.

Arcane’s Tower Defense – MUST HAVE

This exclusive WinPhone 7 will deeply touch the hurt of Warcraft/Age of Empires TD players.
It is not the casual type of TD, Arcane’s TD is the gamer type of TD.
This game will make you love (or hate) your subway/train daily trip, and you’ll miss your station.

  • WP7 exclusive
  • By gamers for gamers
  • 5 technological ages,

– Technical tree composed talents,

  • Cast spells on the battlefield
  • Great value, $2, what are you waiting for ?!
  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Huge maps
  • Amazing music & sounds,
  • Tutorial,
  • Ugly and stinky Goblins,
  • Custom maps for infinite replay value

Plants vs Zombies – MUST HAVE

Do you really want me to present this one ? Aside the nasty bug of the level 5-3, this is the ultimate Casual TD (in a good way) !

  • Unique !
  • Stunning 2D graphics,
  • Very different maps (day/night/grass (with and without water)/roof/fog…),
  • 50 towers (aka plants) !
  • Lot of different mad foes,,
  • Long lasting value,
  • Short games,
  • …and mini games.


Classical geometric TD fueled of loads of levels. No surprise but a great game here.


Dino Parade

My long-time favorite on WinPhone 7, I spent hours and hours with fighting thousands of dinos with my toasters army!