Windows Phone 7 Mango future devices 

Lot of things are already available on many blogs, so lets summarize what we already know on the second wave of Windows Phone 7 devices !

1. The second wave …is not a wave at all !
Mango devices won’t be announced all at once at some Microsoft event like the first wave. They will be released individually on the different target markets.
I think it is way more valuable for the customer because you will see new Mango smartphones with improved hardware all the time.

2. No more brand exclusive features
The first Windows Phone wave has a major issue : Microsoft worked with each brand go give each of them some exclusive feature (4,3″ & 8mpx APN for HTC, DLNA & 16GB of ROM for LG, etc.) so you couldn’t find THE ultimate Windows Phone 7. This could have work if people had the choice between Windows Phone 7 and …Windows Phone 7 but in our world you also have Android, iOS and the others! Between a artificially features limited Windows Phone 7 and another device that combines them all which phone the average consumer will buy ? This issue is hopefully no more with Mango!

3. 9 Devices to rule them all – even more ?
We heard many times that we should get 9 new Mango devices before the end of 2011. Let’s take a look at all current partners and what we know about their future projects :

Acer W4
The first Acer WP7 Mango device is coming  : 3.6″ WVGA (480×800) LCD, 1Ghz, 5Mpx camera, DLNA support. Looking at those specifications this will be a low price device, which is a good thing for WP7.

Dell Wrigley
They had one of the best WP7 device with the Venue Pro : 4″ AMOLED screen, vertical QWERTY slider, a gorgeous design… It was planned to be a hit, but drivers issues and lack of carrier support limited the sales. Dell’s leaked roadmap promise the WP7.5 Wrigley in Q3 (July ?), with a 1GHz processor, a 4″ WVGA screen and an 8mpx camera capable of 720p video : a fixed Venue Pro with an better camera ?
The question is : will Dell provide other Mango devices ?

Fujitsu REGZA IS12T
This was a nice surprise! Announced last week and already on japanese carrier KDDI  web page, this WP7.5 phone seems an updated version of an existing Android device (REGZA T-01C). Its water resistant ability makes it unique on the low-end of the WP7 market. To my knowledge this will be the first WP7 device on the japanese market!

HTC Eternity
The next HTC in the HD Series ? The first HTC Mango device will be powered by a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon 8255 processor, 16GB, a 1650mAh battery, an 8mpx camera and a giant 4.7″ screen ! No word on the screen resolution yet.

We know that HTC will offer more Mango device (2 more at least), new information should be available very soon on this topic.

LG E906
A new variation of the Optimus 7 ? All we know is that the WVGA screen resolution will be the same.
One other device should be offered.

Nokia W6 & Nokia W7 (what about a third one ?)
Lot of things have been said about the first Windows Phone 7 devices by Nokia.
Most rumors agree on two models, a cheap one plus an high-end market device based on the N9 gorgeous hardware blessed by an N8-grade camera. But we regularly hear some noise about another device offering a full QWERTY physical keyboard (like the N950 or the E7 ?). Nokia can’t compete against Samsung proprietary and exclusive Super AMOLED screens (even if the finish manufacturer uses Samsung AMOLED piece of hardware), but they build better cases and provide the best cameras available on the smartphone market.

Nokia said that they will bring at least a new device every three months. If they succeed to do so, we should see a lot of new Windows Phone 7 devices in the first half of 2012…

Samsung  GT-i8350 & Samsung SGH-i937

The GT-i8350 will probably be some cheap Mango device (think of a Windows Phone powered Galaxy ACE), and all we do know is the WVGA screen resolution.

The i937 will be THE beast : probably based on the Galaxy S III platform – yes, 3, not 2 ! – that will be shared with Google’s Nexus Prime, this device will be Microsoft’s answer to the iPhone 5 and the next Android device wave. It will use a Super Amoled HD screen with a 720p resolution (720×1280!). Lets’ hope Samsung will give it the appropriate battery.


Another surprise from Microsoft : ZTE will join the WP7 band wagon. They will start with a cheap device, but looking at the chinese maker ambition toward the high-end market we may be surprised in the future.

4. Conclusion

If we look at this list we already have 10 Mango devices, and more should be announced from HTC and LG. Compared to the first wave of Windows phone 7 devices we will have very different devices covering all the different smartphone markets. From the giant HTC Eternity screen to the record resolution the Samsung SGH-i937 will bring and the incredible cameras Nokia will provide the high-end market will be covered …for the first time ! You can’t sell 2 years old hardware as high-end like what happened last october and it seems Microsoft learned this lesson very well.

And what about the future ? No words yet on 3D screens (3D would suit very well WP7’s Metro UI transitions!), 3D photos/videos or 3D Video chat, but then again we may be surprised before the end of the year. We are also waiting for Sony’s first Windows Phone device, if that ever happens.

[EDIT July 18th]
3 more HTC devices!

HTC Ignite
The Ignite looks like an low-cost evolution of the Mozart with a shiny and smooth bezel.
It seems to be designed with the minimum Windows Phone 7 specifications in mind : 0.8Ghz processor, no front-camera, a 3.7″ WVGA screen and a 5mpx shooter on the backside.


HTC Bresson
It was supposed to feature a 16mpx camera, which is hopefully NOT credible.
But you can expect some nice 8-12mpx shooter with a good S-LCD screen and a fast processor (probably this lovely 1.5Ghz processor you can already meet in the HTC Flyer).

HTC Prime
No this QWERTY slider has definitely nothing to do with that other Prime from Mountain View (the question is : when do LG will bring us the Optimus Prime ?).
If this render is to be believe the Prime will bring a new body design with a 5 rows QWERTY keyboard, I’m just afraid we’ll have to deal with a small screen again.