What I like/dislike with my iPad 2. 

iPad 2 – A gorgeous hardware

The iPad 2 has an incredible hardware. The screen is gorgeous, the device is thin and light enough, it is fast, its aluminium body makes it scratch resistant. All you need to protect it is to grab the official “Smart Cover” and you are done (your wallet too). iPad 2’s hardware is near from perfect, and even if I rather prefer HP’s TouchPad more rounded front, even if the aluminium is often cold in hands it is an impressive piece of great engineering ! If you compare it with the best Android tablet available, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung plastic offering looks cheap compared to Apple’s pad.



iOS 5 for the iPad 2 – User interface from the past

But if the hardware is really impressive, I would not say the same with iOS, especially its iPad version.

iOS was presented in 2007, and even if has been gratified of lot of new goodies over the years it still carry the same logic : one feature = one application. Even if we are now talking about the fifth version, it is a very simple yet not smart system which is basically a launcher for apps and not much more. Even the multitasking management is years behind the dying WebOS, the old Symbian or of course the new Windows Phone Mango.

Speaking of Mango, Windows Phone 7 is probably my biggest issue with the iPad and iOS. I can’t stand anymore those iOS static icons, all this wasted space on the home screen, this lack of intelligent system that brings information where and when you need it by itself. When you are used to a features oriented system as is Windows Phone 7/7.5 Mango, playing with the application oriented  iOS seems like a timetraveling jump back in the past.

I guess all I really need is an iPad 2 …running Windows 8 with the speed of Windows Phone 7 Mango !
In 2012 maybe ?