Expectations about Nokia World, october 26-27th 2011 

2011’s Nokia World is in ten days.
Ten little days before the finish phone giant unveils it’s first ever Windows Phone lineup.
It will be the beginning of a powerfull wave for Microsoft’s mobile OS, and the best way to recover for Nokia.

It seems a bit unreal too me. I *really* like the Nokia brand and I am a big fan of Windows Phone 7 Metro user interfaces and concepts. Who would have predict such alliance two years ago ? This means a lot for Windows Phone future success, but what can Nokia bring us at this event ?

Expectations are even more higher than Apple and the “iPhone 5” a few days ago, until every one was desapointed by iPhone 4s small screen and few evolutions (which doesn’t make it a bad phone at all, but that’s not my point today). Most people seems to wait for some crazy Nokia hero device with killer specifications and somle kind of mystic design…

Nokia Windows Phones will be great devices, but we have to keep realistic expectations because you won’t see any 4,5″ HD screen 16Mpx camera quadcore superphone yet !


Windows Phone Mango supports single core S2 family Snapdragon processeurs from Qualcomm, which can run at 1.5Ghz at best. It is the one you can find in the mighty HTC Titan I played with two weeks ago (I need to find some time to write about this device by the way !). How can it compares with Dual Core S3 Snapdragon processors you can find in the latest Android devices ?

To tell the truth, those S2 single core associated with Windows Phone gives you a device at least as snappy as a Samsung Galaxy SII, and most of the time it will even be faster. Android is a hog when you look at performances, don’t be fooled by devices specifications : the system itself lacks lot of optimisation thanks to it’s “way-too-much-open” architecture. When you look at all the different hardware (no minimum specifications) and all the different layers it is supposed to handle (Google + OEM + carrier layers…) you understand better why you need a Dual Core processor to run smoothly at best.Because of all tose reasons Android can not be optimized. To make things worse, apps in the background consume too much power – which means more intense battery usage unlike iOS and Windows Phone 7 Mango.

So… what can the finish brand do on the engine side of things ? Bring the same processor Samsung and HTC will offer in their Focus S and Titan phone, which is great !


  • Technology
    Regarding the screen, Nokia will provide AMOLED screens (sourced by Samsung) with their proprietary Clear Black Display (CBD) technology. It won’t be as impressive as Samsung latests Super Amoled Plus screens, but it’s a good compromise between the true colors of a good Super-LCD screens (HTC Titan) and the over saturated colors of a Super Amoled Plus screen (Galaxy SII, Focus S) while being readable outdoor. So the technology will be fine.
  • Reesolution
    The one and only resolution supported by Mango is 480×800, so this is what you’ll get. It’s a little less than iPhone 4/4s resolution, but at least you are not limited with a small 3.5″ screen !
  • Size
    Talking about screen size, Nokia use to provide ‘small’ screen devices (does all those finish guys all having small pockets ?). Rumors says that they will start with 3.7″ devices first, with bigger models planned for Q1 2012. Size indeed does matter, meaning that they need to provide quikly a better offering than 3,7″.


Think about the Nokia E7, picture it, and imagine an upgraded version with Windows Phone 7 onboard. Is that what we can expect ? Not quite yet.

Lot of people expects Nokia to bring out some WinPhone with a physical slide out keyboard. It looks to me that we’ll have to wait for 2012 to see something similar for the high end market, but we could get very soon some relatively cheap device equiped with a physical keyboard for the young sms fanatics. Most – if not all – devices Stephen Elop and his team will release should be classical candybar touchscreen phones.

Nokia Applications

Nokia will include a couple of goodies but the real deal is Nokia Maps which should come for free with all Nokia Windows Phones.


  • Nokia 703
    The Nokia 703 looks like a entry-level version of the Sea Ray, with a very similar design except for the rounded glass.
    3,7″ TFT screen – 8GB – 5Mpx camera

  • Nokia 710
    The 710 has been spotted by the game studio OccasionalGamer, so this one should somehow exists… A variant of the 703 with a slideout keyboard ?
    3,7″ TFT screen – 8GB – 5Mpx camera
  • Nokia 800, aka Seay Ray
    Who never heard of the Sea Ray ? Revealed as a fake leak by Stephen Elop himself, based on the gorgeous Nokia N9 design and hardware the Sea Ray will be the middle offering.
    3,7″ AMOLED CBD screen – 16/32GB – 8Mpx camera

  • Nokia 900 aka Ace
    What about a real high end device with a big screen ? Seems like the Nokia 900 won’t be available until early 2012 but we’ll have to wait for Nokia World to be 100% sure.
    4,3″ AMOLED CBD screen – 32GB – 8 or 12Mpx camera


Expect the first Nokia Phones available in november this year in Europe, and February 2012 in the United States of A.
Of course all phones will be released with Windows Phone Mango.