Samsung Galaxy S II Celox 

Dear readers,

It’s been a while, nice writing here again ! I’ve been *busy* on some always-too-short holiday times in Corsica ! Hope you had two perfect weeks too. Let’s go back into the mobile devices business now 😉

A new version of the Galaxy S II just leaked in South Corea, the Celox. It carries LTE waves, a Snapdragon processor (which is important, we’ll see why in a minute) and the same Super AMOLED+ 4.5″ (that’s 0.2″ more than the standard Galaxy S II) screen that was already available on the US model Samsung Infuse, and a bigger, generous 1750mA battery.

This means a lot, because :

  • A snapdragon processor is an important shift for Samsung. We knows that they have hard times to supply enough of their very own chip, but that’s not all. A snapdragon means that even if this APQ8060 model is not being supported by Mango yet, Windows Phone 7 doors are in sight and very wide open.
  • This 4.5″ screen is probably what you’ll get in the future Samsung “Omnia 7.5” SGH-i937.
  • Decent battery life ? finally !

Here is how the Celox looks, which looks to me an improvement of the current plasticky Galaxy S II :

Samsung Galaxy S II Celox

Samsung Galaxy S II Celox