MicroSony! Windows 8 TVs & Kinect in the corner 

The Internet is burning today since someone spotted that Microsoft registered the following domain names :

  • Microsoft-Sony.com
  • Sony-Microsoft.com

A collaboration of both companies seems really crazy at first : Microsoft and Sony are fighting hard on the video game business, and Sony still refuses to jump on the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon. But we have to look beyond that.

Sony is making TVs, smartphones, games, movies, computers, tablets, cameras and the list goes on.
Like Nokia, Sony strength is on the hardware part, not software, even if they are doing both in lot of systems. Like Nokia Sony had lot of software issues with its smartphones customizing, and those frustrated X10 owners won’t contradict me on that. And now software is becoming more and more the key in all consumer devices.

TV are going to change : you won’t need any external box like an Apple TV connected with it in the future as the TV will already include all features built-in. Then all TV makers have to make a choice. Android ? HP(alm)’s mighty WebOS ? …or in a not so distant future : Windows 8.

With it’s lightwight ARM compatible kernel Windows 8 will be able to run on tons on devices, bringing this Metro interface I love so much into lot of new systems.
What if Microsoft and Sony were working on an agreement to build the first Windows 8 TVs ?
What if it was Kinect compatible, or even better : some kind of built-in Kinect features to replace the remote ?

We all know that Apple is working on TVs, and may very well sell some Apple TV (and I’m not talking here about the ‘Apple TV’, but about a TV designed by Apple with the ‘Apple TV features’ already included). And Sony knows what we know. Sony also badly learned how consumers like Kinect. A partnership between Microsoft and Sony on TVs would provide huge benefits for both partners :

  • Microsoft : after the failure of Windows Media Extenders this would be a new opportunity to come back in the living room, because a gaming console is not for everyone. Microsoft would also be well in place to prevent Android’s venue there. Finally the Xbox services (Bing would be included of course) could be available to replace Sony ones and forget all those bad security stories.
  • Sony : …more profits with a fee from Microsoft services, Windows 8, Kinect : an incredible value for the consumer to fight back against Samsung and LG on the TV market. And beyond that : this new product + tablets may very well replace this old and ugly PC in the living room…
    Windows 8 + Kinect = higher product margin VS the end of Qriocity? Sold!

I know this may seems like science-fiction somehow, but it was just an idea I wanted to share 🙂

What do you think of this ?